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Beautiful Throw Pillows With Quotes And Sayings

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Accent your home with beautiful throw pillows with the sayings and quotes you love and like.

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The Perfect Number of Throw Pillows

Have you ever wondered how many throw pillows you should put on your sofa, armchair, or bed? I have as well! It is a little detail in the grand scheme of home decor, but I would like to think it is the details that count. It does not seem like there is a specific design "rule," but what follows various ways to make custom pillows work for your space.

One Pillow: Given their size, armchairs typically have one accent pillows. Armchairs tend to have very straight backs, so having a throw cushion is not only decorative, but also provides comfort. I have seen both square and lumbar pillows (rectangular shaped pillows) used here, so it is really up to you.

Two Pillows: For a clean cut look, go with two large pillows on either end of the sofa. If you're going for a clean, minimalistic look, this will be a good option. The accent pillows provide some color or texture to the room, without adding too much clutter. For beds, start with two pillows and see how you like it. If you have ever gone to the store, you will know that there are just so many beautiful pillows to choose from. You might end up with more.

Four Pillows: You can also go with four large pillows, two on each end of a sofa, for a symmetrical look. This gives you a chance to showcase more fabrics you love! To keep it simple, just choose two different fabrics. This is also a common number of accent pillows for the bed.

Five Pillows: I have seen many designers mix five custom pillows together. Usually four square throw pillows are showcased on each end of the sofa and one lumbar pillow in the middle. This may be too much for a smaller sofa, but I like the mix of square and lumbar pillows.

Making Your Own Rules:Don't feel constrained by any of the above suggestions. Go with whatever feels right for your space.

In terms of size, two of the most common size pillows are 16 inches and 18 inches. I had two 16 inch square throw pillows on my modern, low back sofa and felt they were too small. That is why I suggest actually starting with an 18 inch throw pillow and mixing it with larger sizes.

Try different sizes and number of pillows out in your space and see what you like.

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